An insight into the reality of laser technology: upgrading a jewellery workshop from the compact DaDo to the top model MegaHIT Laser Welder in the UK

The sales network of Elettrolaser is one of the company’s fundamental strengths: thanks to our network of active resellers all over the world – from Europe to America and Asia to North Africa, as a global brand we want to be sure to be accessible and close to the end-user, to offer our customers quality products & comprehensive services.

Potential buyers usually find out about our products by word of mouth or various marketing show cases, whereafter our resellers engage to learn about the prospect’s business and help match a laser machine that best meets their needs. Our resellers, not only supply Elettrolaser welders and marking machines, but they handle the process from A to Z, to take care of installation and calibration, training, and stay in touch to provide assistance and technical support throughout the life of the product.

Furthermore, if the needs of the user change over time, our resellers have solutions to support their business for the long term. They offer schemes for users to upgrade to a more powerful or feature-rich lasers and match payment plans too. This service proved particularly useful for the workshop of Paul Paine, the owner of Southchurch Jewellers, a Jewellery shop in Essex, United Kingdom. Paul purchased his first compact DaDo Laser Welder through our U.K. reseller Freeform Fabrication and later upgraded to the powerhouse MegaHIT model.


Paul with machine


DaDo: the perfect entry-level laser for artisan workshops

As a goldsmith or business owner you may relate to the story of Paul Paine, a Goldsmith of 35 years who told the editor of the British Professional Jeweller Magazine that his interest in laser equipment began long before he finally purchased his first laser welder. For years he followed the trend and evaluated the features of countless laser welders. The potential and advantages of using the technology were immediately evident to Paul, but unfortunately, the cost of purchasing the equipment had been a hindrance all these years and meanwhile making the most of the ‘flame’, anticipating that an affordable, yet professional laser welding model will become available one day.

As soon as Paul discovered that Freeform Fabrication was offering the DaDo welder, back in 2019 which was on the UK market for only £3,000, he decided to take advantage of this opportunity and equip himself with the laser tool. His wait was well worth it as he claimed: within a few months, the initial investment had been returned as his skill level and confidence increased. Paul handled repairs faster and he was able to do more in his workday. While safely and efficiently performing a wide range of repairs, typical to a Jewellery shop these involved ring re-clawing and resizing, watch repair, assembly and working around enamel and precious stones, the shop improved its offering to customers, reduced waiting times and delivering a better service. At the same time the business started earning more.

Mr Paine stated that the strength of DaDo, in addition to its extremely competitive price and high precision, is its ability to meet the needs of both the craftsman and the customers, increasing their satisfaction and therefore enabling them to build a lasting relationship over time.


Paul - workshop 1


Upgrade to MegaHIT

Paul’s satisfaction with the performance of the DaDo welder encouraged him to upgrade to the performance model - the MegaHIT after less than one year. The new machine was supplied to him once again by Freeform Fabrication.

The Goldsmith stated that this new laser allows him to work even better and faster and with a degree of precision only a laser welder can achieve, meaning he enjoys all of these benefits, with less stress and more income. In the interview to the magazine, he pointed out that with the upgraded laser machine he is now providing services to the trade as well as to customers coming to his shop and some of the repairs are possible to do while they wait; topping up the standard of his service that has made a real difference also to his lifestyle.


Paul - DaDo


When Paul chose to upgrade to MegaHIT, he put the DaDo welder up for sale and it was purchased by a fellow workshop down the road. During the handover, Freeform Fabrication proved to be an extremely helpful partner: in fact, they offered to transfer the warranty on the welder to the new owner and took care of overseeing the installation of the tool in the new workshop, to ensure that there were no problems, and that the welder was in the best possible condition for the new owners to make the most of it.

Mr Paine's satisfaction with Elettrolaser and the service provided by the British reseller Freeform Fabrication, is a source of great pride to us as the manufacturer! It’s allowing us as the mother company, to satisfy the end-customer and respond better to the market demands. This combination helps spread the word about the quality of our brand and it confirms that our research work is essential to the development of products that respond precisely to the market needs in all aspects.

Being able to rely on an attentive and competent reseller, who are ambitious, involved and follow on with customers in the growth of their business while responding promptly to inquiries, give us the certainty that we all win in this process. We are committed to achieving a variety of products, deliver top standard service and continue to develop quality products without compromise, to exceed the market’s expectation.


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