What type of processing do you need?

ElettroLaser presents you with a complete range of machines for processing metals via laser.

Types of processing

Lasers for welding, marking, cutting and engraving for different sectors that range from handcrafted fine jewelry to the medical-dental sector and even to industry.

The heart of our machines is essentially a laser source.
The various machines produced are equipped, depending on the type of use they are designed for, with a solid state Nd:YAG laser source (for welding) or a YAG fiber source (for cutting and engraving).

Optimized in the engineering stage by a team of highly qualified experts in the technology, today ElettroLaser offers machines with high performance and reliability second to none, as well as an attractive design. ElettroLaser has always focused on the ergonomics of its machines and designs them to offer the operator a stress-free working environment.

The quality of the materials used and the technical solutions applied mean that ElettroLaser machines can be sent anywhere in the world and will always maintain their characteristics and performance such as the laser beam alignment, and the absence of any problems connected with the misalignment of the optics.

Training on-site and post-sales service are our strong points and can be implemented thanks to the equipment supplied with the products.
The webcams installed on the markers make it possible to perform a preliminary analysis of the processes by remote; the wi-fi on the laser then permits supervision of the efficiency of the process performed or reparametrization by remote.

Tipologie di lavorazione