Quality control and supplier selection: the Elettrolaser choices for performing and resistant lasers

Lasers for marking or welding are tools that, in order to guarantee high performance and resistance over time, must always be built keeping in mind precise quality standards, the achievement of which is essential in order not to disappoint customers' expectations.

The safety and satisfaction of those who rely on us are the primary objective of our work, and it is precisely for this reason that Elettrolaser carries out a series of careful checks on all its machines, before proceeding with their installation at the headquarters of the customers, to identify and correct any problems in terms of efficiency and safety early and offer customers machines that are truly performing and reliable.

Control of raw materials

To put truly performing machines on the market, the first step is to have full control of the supply chain, carefully selecting suppliers and carrying out rigorous checks on the components and materials that are used for the construction of the lasers.

Elettrolaser never gives up on this type of control, even in periods in which procuring raw materials is complex, expensive or time-consuming: supply difficulties, in fact, cannot be a justification for accepting lower quality products than to the expected standards, since the use of poor quality components inevitably results in the creation of less performing machines, which will soon require repairs or assistance.

For this reason, Elettrolaser always checks the materials it uses to make its lasers, carrying out preventive tests on all electronic and mechanical components and discarding any defective products or in any case not able to meet the expected quality standards.

In order to try to minimize customer waiting times and also to cope with difficulties and unforeseen events, we also try to differentiate our suppliers as much as possible, with the aim of reducing production stops and being able to carry on in the best possible way, even in conditions of scarcity of raw materials or generalized delays.

Laser testing

Once we have ascertained that all the materials and components received from our suppliers are in line with the expected quality standards, we are ready to move on to the construction phase of the machine and its subsequent testing.

All our models, once completed, are in fact subjected to accurate tests, necessary to verify their actual ability to achieve the expected performance. Each laser is put under stress through work simulations that are conducted for prolonged time intervals, in order to verify its actual ability to withstand the expected workload.

The purpose of these tests is precisely to bring out any malfunctions or defects, therefore the workload to which the machine is subjected is very heavy and the analysis of the operation of the laser is carried out accurately, to be sure that the machine is able to operate according to expectations in all stages of processing.

Traceability and compatibility of components

Finally, all Elettrolaser lasers are made with tracked components, so even after some time we have the possibility of reconstructing which specific component has been mounted on each individual laser supplied to our customers. In this way, in case of need, we can plan targeted checks and / or replacement of potentially problematic components, to guarantee all our customers assistance even in the long term.

For the same reason, all Elettrolaser spare parts are made in such a way as to guarantee compatibility even with previous laser models, in order to give our customers the possibility of using our lasers over time, without risking being out of stock. spare parts or components essential for the correct functioning of the instrument.

To find out more about the checks we carry out to ensure the efficiency and safety of our marking and welding lasers, do not hesitate to contact us!

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