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mega silver riquadro
mega silver
No more problems for silver and reflective materials.
It facilitates the silver welding thanks to the innovative cavity
and its special resonator, with a improved surface
finishing of the welds.
mega silver macchina
mega hit riquadro
mega hit
Bulky objects are no longer a problem,
thanks to the large new welding chamber.
Double cooling system ideal for intensive uses.
mega hit macchina
MS-35-Elettrolaser_Mod 2021
The compact and powerful laser for goldsmiths and dental laboratories.
It is the perfect solution for welding requiring high precision of execution.
Available with energies ranging from 100 J to 140 J, distinguishes a great
flexibility in the use for small and medium factories.
awl macchina
fiberLUX riquadro
The lasers can be supplied with a broad spectrum
of powers.It is the ideal solution for everyone,
from the goldsmith to the industry.
fiberLUX macchina


The Most Innovative Technologies



An innovative laser cutting system, with maximum quality and precision! Here is the new LCCWith the aim of responding to the various demands of the market, in particular of intensive and mass production, Elettro...

FiberLUX PRO 200

FiberLUX PRO 200

The best quality laser for engraving and cutting, FiberLUX PRO 200 is ideal for intense production and a reduction in execution costsThe growing demand by the industrial sector for optimization of execution time...


DL 200

DL 200, the new laser welding machine for repairing of molds, dies and large objectsThe Dynamic Laser 200 is a 3 arms motorized (X-Y-Z) laser system controlled by a joystick which guarantees extreme precision of...

fiberlux el lite

FiberLUX EL Lite

Engravings, excavations and cuts also for those looking for the first time in the laser machine world, with FiberLUX EL LiteDerived from the PRO serie, EL line import all the advanced features of the FiberLUX, a...

Mega Silver 3D

Mega Silver 3D

The laser welder for a better finish, with the new 3D Vision systemThis version of the Mega Silver without ocular, but with the 3D Vision stereomicroscope guarantees greater ease of use with less eye stress and ...

Master S 3D

Master S 3D

Master S 3D is the laser welding machine that offers a wide stereoscopic view of the welding areaWith the innovative stereomicroscope, without ocular, it is possible to have a real 3D vision in high resolution c...



Laser marking and engraving on jewelry and precious metals with FiberLUX PROOur commitment to improving and studying Laser technology has allowed us to put on the market one of the best engraving and laser cutti...

FiberLUX Nano

FiberLUX Nano

Fiberlux NANO, a quality entry level for laser cutting and laser engraving on all precious metalsThe laser technology in the gold and the industrial sector in recent years is having more and more success, thanks...

FiberLUX 3D

FiberLUX 3D

Laser cutting and engraving on inclined, rounded or spherical objects with FiberLUX 3DTo meet the increasingly growing needs in the jewelery and industry sectors, Elettrolaser offers FiberLUX 3D to engrave and c...


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