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Create jewelry with laser


The laser processing of materials for the production of jewelry is one of the fundamental prerogatives of the laser systems we create and develop.

Laser welding, laser marking and cutting make it possible to reach high quality products but not only on today's jewels, even on vintage pieces and on costume jewelery, where the material is of poor quality but where it is possible to make cheap repairs.

With us, a Laser technology for many applications


Who uses our lasers knows it: the applications that can be found with our laser machines are never finished. Used extensively in the dental, industry and goldsmith sectors, Elettrolaser laser machines are able to satisfy many working areas.

Here's what you can do with an Elettrolaser machine.

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ElettroLaser, a wide range
of solutions with top performance.

A constant process of innovation and continuous technological development make us the acknowledged leaders in the field of laser technologies Made in Italy.


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