Welding machines and laser markers for goldsmith's workshops: that's all they allow you to do!

Among the main strengths of laser technology there is certainly its great versatility. A tool of this type can in fact be used successfully in many different areas, and allows you to carry out marking or welding work on a wide range of materials, from precious metals to plastics, always obtaining extremely precise and accurate results, in short time.

Furthermore, thanks to the developments of this technology, lasers are increasingly smaller and easier to use, and are therefore perfect for use even in the context of a small goldsmith's workshop. To complete many processes - by laser - large spaces are not required, nor a long training of the operator: having a laser machine is therefore the winning choice for all craftsmen who want to expand the types of services they offer to their customers, significantly reduce working times and carry out processes internally that, otherwise, they would have to outsource. Choosing laser technology therefore guarantees a triple advantage: faster processing, cost reduction and increased supply.


The laser for goldsmith's workshops: all applications

The processes that can be easily completed using a small laser suitable for use in the laboratory are many.

In the field of welding – which, thanks to the laser, can be carried out extremely accuratelyit is possible to carry out interventions like:

  • repair of ring bezel with precious stones
  • repair of earring pins
  • resizing of rings
  • repair of dents on watches or other damaged objects
  • welding of bracelets, chains, pendants, etc., to remedy breakages

Also with regard to marking, the range of interventions that can be carried out is very wide. The laser, in fact, thanks to the possibility of accurately calibrating the laser beam, allows extremely precise engravings to be made even on supports with an unusual shape, and to carry out engravings with very small dimensions.

With a laser marker it is possible, for example:

  • engrave wedding rings and rings in general (going to work not only inside, where the classic engraving of names is carried out, but also decorating the external surface at the customer's request)
  • engrave dates, initials or short phrases on the surfaces of bracelets or chains, regardless of their shape and the size of the font chosen for the engraving
  • make pendants of all shapes, cutting the precious metal until you get a shape, an initial or a name; the customization possibilities are many and the customer can independently choose the type of font and format of his jewel
  • engrave temples and other components of glasses
  • create photoengraving to reproduce photographs on metal supports
  • quickly engrave plates and plaques
  • insert an identification number (manufacturing mark) on metal objects of any type


Elettrolaser solutions for goldsmith workshops

To meet the needs of those who work in a small goldsmith's workshop, Elettrolaser has developed some simple, high-performance lasers with extremely small dimensions. Among them are:

  • MS-3.5: this manual laser welding machine is perfect for those who need to carry out fast welding interventions by intervening on all the most widespread in jewelry (gold, platinum, but also steel and many others). Its design is designed to allow the operator to work comfortably and the presence of a latest generation screen allows you to easily adjust the diameter of the shot (which can vary from 0.2 to 2 mm), the power and the frequency. Furthermore, one of the features of this welding machine is its low noise, which makes it perfect for use in the laboratory.
  • Master 4.0: this compact but powerful welding machine, ideal for welding silver and other precious metals (gold, titanium, platinum, palladium ...), is perfect for those who need a powerful and precise instrument, but of limited size. The welding machine is very simple to use, thanks to the 7-inch display and the joystick inside the welding chamber, plus it allows you to minimize the use of consumables. The laser is very powerful, therefore suitable for welding also reflective metals, and allows you to easily intervene even on ancient jewels or on precious stone bezels, without having to remove them from the frame.
  • Fiberlux NANO: this laser marker, equipped with a fiber optic laser, is efficient and performing, despite being small and extremely simple to use and maintain. The maximum marking area is 100x100 mm, the resolution reaches 20 μm and can be equipped with the appropriate accessory that also allows you to engrave the outer surface of the rings. It therefore allows you to carry out all the most requested marking activities, and its small size is not an obstacle to achieving excellent performance.

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