Operation and advantages of laser engraving

Laser technology can be used with excellent results not only in the welding sector, but also in the cutting, engraving and marking of objects. The laser, in fact, allows you to act on a vast repertoire of objects by removing small quantities of material - thus making an incision - or even to cut metals of different thicknesses, obtaining precise results and particular aesthetic effects in a short time, without risk to damage or deform the different parts of the treated object.

Laser marking: how it works

Laser marking exploits the peculiarities of the laser to obtain precise and rapid results: the laser beam, emitted by the marking machine, is in fact conveyed to a small part of the surface of the object to be engraved, marked or cut. Here the laser beam transfers energy, in the form of heat, to the material that composes the object. In this way, an incision is created, the depth of which can vary according to different needs.

The same technique can also be used to obtain other types of results: if the object is not only to be engraved superficially, but marked deeply, it is possible to increase the intensity of the laser beam and lengthen the exposure times to the laser beam. In this way, a real excavation will be obtained which, unlike the markings made with other mechanical means, may be small in diameter, but still deep.

Finally, using the same technique, it is possible to cut the metal, carrying out repeated passages of the laser beam on the same portion of the surface. In this way it is possible to remove, little by little, increasing quantities of material, until a cut is produced.

Laser engravings and markings are particularly precise and defined; the laser allows to obtain thin engravings and to act on fragile or delicate parts of the object, as well as to operate on surfaces difficult to reach with traditional engraving tools. The potential of laser engraving, however, does not stop there: the use of this technology - with the complement of special software - allows to obtain particularly refined aesthetic results. Through the laser it is possible to create bas-reliefs of variable depth, or even to make the color of the starting material change, since the laser beam that hits the metal can be calibrated in order to obtain results of this type.


Incisioni  (2)-min

The fields of application of laser marking

Laser marking can be used to engrave or cut a large amount of metals, such as:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Palladio
  • Brass
  • And so on

This means that laser marking can be used in a wide variety of industrial fields: it can be used in goldsmithing, for the engraving of all types of jewelry, regardless of their shape and aesthetic characteristics, but also in industry where it can be used in particular to permanently mark all the objects produced by a specific company, guaranteeing their traceability over time.

Incisioni  (1)-min

Why choose laser marking

Laser marking guarantees countless advantages, since this technology allows flawless results from an aesthetic point of view. The precision of the laser ensures that the object is engraved or marked in a precise and permanent way, without any smudges in the incision or abrasions of the treated surface. This allows to obtain extremely “clean” results, with a high level of resolution, and to treat even precious and delicate objects without risking damaging them.

Laser marking also has the undeniable advantage of being a technique that significantly reduces processing times. The powers reached by the laser allow to quickly engrave a large amount of materials, and if the marking machine is equipped with adequate software, the productivity of the company that uses it can significantly increase, in terms of production speed and variety of proposed processes to customers. The potential of the laser also makes it possible to expand the repertoire of materials and objects treated, since by acting on the power of the beam, it is possible to obtain impeccable results even on surfaces that are normally difficult to treat, or on materials resistant to engraving. Furthermore, laser marking allows to obtain long-lasting results: the marked objects are neither corroded nor damaged, and their engrave therefore always remains clear and visible, as required by the regulations that define the quality standards for industrial productions.


marcatrici per incisione tramite laser

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