Offer your customers customized processing thanks to laser marking and welding machines

Completing your laboratory equipment with a laser machine allows you to increase the types of services and interventions that you are able to offer to your customers, increasing your profit margins and consolidating your position towards your competitors.

This is why Elettrolaser has developed laser marking and welding machines suitable for any type of production situation - industrial or artisanal - capable of providing excellent performance with a minimum footprint of space, easy and intuitive to use and inexpensive in terms of costs for the management and maintenance.

Thanks to Elettrolaser lasers you can carry out a long series of processes internally, without having to entrust them to external laboratories and thus optimizing time and costs. Here are the services you can provide to your customers thanks to the opportunities offered by our lasers!

Jewelery laser technology

Laser welding machines: that's what they offer you

Laser technology can be used successfully in a long range of industrial fields. Elettrolaser has specialized in particular in the goldsmith and dental sectors, and its laser welders allow those who work in these areas to carry out various types of customized processes.

As regards the goldsmith sector, Elettrolaser welding machines allow to carry out interventions of:

  • Porosity closure, to easily and with extreme precision correct any manufacturing defects of the jewelry;
  • Re-sizing of rings, to adapt them to the dimensions requested by customers in the shortest possible time;
  • Reconstruction of settings, completed without having to remove the precious stones from the jewel;
  • Jewelery repair, to weld and repair damaged components of the jewel without overheating it and reaching even parts of the jewel that are particularly thin, delicate or placed in uncomfortable positions to reach
  • Reconstruction of the backdrops and / or of the watch case

In the dental field, the processes and materials used are different - because the plastic materials have replaced, in the vast majority of cases, the precious metal - but the advantages guaranteed by the use of lasers are the same. In fact, the laser allows you to build and repair dental prostheses and orthodontic appliances, for example by carrying out interventions of:

  • Placement of prostheses on models
  • Fixing of orthodontic appliance components
  • Dental implant construction
  • Repair of damaged implants

In all these cases, the laser allows to carry out interventions quickly and extremely precisely, reducing processing times and offering reliable and resistant products to dental professionals in a short time.


Laser for customized interventions

The laser for customized marking interventions

Just like in the case of welding machines, laser markers also allow you to carry out customized processes quickly, obtaining extremely accurate and precise results, even on objects with particular shapes. Among the most common processes made possible by the use of lasers we can mention:

  • Engraving of dates and / or names on engagement rings or wedding bands. This process, thanks to the potential of the laser, can be completed in a very short time compared to what is necessary if other technologies are used.
  • Engraving names, letters, symbols or other graphic designs on bracelets, necklaces or other jewelry. Thanks to the laser, which reduces the time required to carry out the engraving, it is possible to offer customers a wide variety of customizations.
  • Photoengraving. The ability to reproduce an image or photograph on the metal allows you to create truly unique jewels, offering the customer a tailor-made service.

If you want to know more about the potential of the laser and the types of processes that you can carry out thanks to a marking machine or a welding machine that integrates this type of technology, contact Elettrolaser immediately: we will show you our offer and together we will identify the most suitable tool for you!

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