Marking and welding machines for craft workshops: Valentini Gioielli

Providing lasers capable of guaranteeing excellent performance in any context of use is one of the main objectives of our work: the Elettrolaser markers and welding machines, in fact, are designed to meet the needs of customers of all kinds, even those who work in artisan laboratories. Medium-sized or small.

Precisely for this reason, Valentini Gioielli, a customer who manages two important jewelers in the city center of Trento turned to us. His laboratory was equipped with "classic" and rather dated equipment, and he turned to us asking us first of all to provide him with technologically advanced tools, precise and easy to use, which would have allowed him to make a real leap in quality from point of view of processing speed and, at the same time, to increase the services offered to its customers.


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The intervention of Elettrolaser

Our customer, Valentini Gioielli contacted us asking us to provide him with laser instrumentation capable of replacing the dot peen engraver that until then he had used, in his laboratory, to carry out the classic engravings of wedding rings and watches.

After a first contact, we started an analysis phase necessary to understand which tools could best meet the customer's needs, and we finally identified the two most suitable laser models: the FiberLux Nano engraver, which would have allowed the customer to expand his jewelery customization offer, and the Master 4.0 welder, which would allow him to quickly and efficiently carry out all repairs, including welding on “FOREVER” bracelets.




Once we have identified the most suitable tools in our opinion, we organized a demonstration at our headquarters, to allow the customer to have a precise idea of ​​all the processes that he could have carried out with the new lasers and to touch the potential of the machines. The demonstration convinced the customer that he had found what he was looking for: our lasers were the right tools to evolve the offer of his laboratory.

Once the model and characteristics of the lasers had been established, we personally managed their delivery and installation at the Valentini Gioielli’s site, at the same time taking care of the training of the operators. In a single day we carried out the illustrative course on the use of both lasers, and subsequently - at the request of the customer - one of our technicians returned to Trento to complete an additional training session specifically dedicated to the use. of the welding machine.




The relationship with the customer did not end with the delivery and commissioning of the lasers: we remained available to address the small problems that gradually arose and our technicians provided immediate remote assistance in case of need, allowing the laboratory to immediately exploit all the potential of the new machines, without interruptions and without hitches. Even today we provide customer assistance in case of need, and the relationship has consolidated over time with mutual satisfaction.

The final balance of the intervention was decidedly positive for the customer, who is satisfied with the new machines installed and the new possibilities that are opening up for his laboratory, thanks to the potential of laser technology and Elettrolaser solutions.


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