Elettrolaser and “I Bambini delle Fate Onlus”: our commitment to the territory and social inclusion

We at Elettrolaser believe in the principle of corporate social responsibility and we know that every production reality must do everything possible to improve the conditions of the territory in which it operates, trying to respond to the needs of the community.

This is why we support the non-profit organization “I Bambini delle Fate”, a social enterprise that has been active for over 15 years in the field of inclusion of people with autism and disabilities.



The non-profit organization I Bambini delle Fate, founded in 2015 by the entrepreneur Franco Antonello, is responsible for providing economic support to social inclusion projects managed by associations and realities of the Third Sector.

Thanks to the support of a network made up of thousands of companies and individuals, the non-profit organization supports hundreds of active projects in the area, giving them continuity and ensuring all the people involved - and their families - concrete and lasting support over time, aimed at a real social inclusion of people with autism or disabilities.

To achieve this result, I Bambini delle Fate proposes to its supporters to “adopt near by” an active project in the territory in which they live and work, and to follow it with a long-term perspective. In this way, the donation is not only an extemporaneous economic contribution, but becomes a real investment aimed at improving the lives of the people involved, with positive repercussions for the whole society.

Being part of the network created by the non-profit organization I Bambini delle Fate allows us to be concretely present alongside those who work together with disabled people and their families and to make our contribution to an increasingly inclusive society, capable of giving each person the growth opportunity it deserves.