Why did we choose light blue for the restyling of our welding machines and markers? Here is the answer!


The Research and Development sector of Elettrolaser is always working to improve the performance of our welding machines and laser markers and to identify solutions that are increasingly efficient, safe, comfortable and user friendly.

To achieve this, we receive important support from our customers, who in many cases have known and used our lasers for years and have created a relationship of mutual respect with us. and trust. By discussing with them we have the opportunity to understand what their real needs are, and therefore on which aspects we need to focus our efforts, with a view to real collaboration that allows everyone to grow and obtain increasingly satisfying results.

Starting from the comparison with our customers we have recently carried out a restyling of some laser models, intervening on various aspects with the aim of making the instruments more powerful, more efficient in terms of energy saving, more resistant and more comfortable to use for operator.

Our restyling, however, was not limited to this: we also intervened on the design of our machines, making various changes that allowed us to make them even more beautiful, as well as more efficient and functional.

One of these interventions - the most visible, immediately evident at first glance - aroused the curiosity of our customers, who often asked us why we chose to change the color of our lasers, choosing to make them in a new blue version.

The answer is simple: this choice allows us to immediately underline, at a glance, the Italian character of our machines and of our company, highlighting how at the center of our offer to customers there is a great added value deriving from our competence and professionalism Made in Italy.

In fact, blue is the color chosen over a century ago (to be precise in 1911) by the Italian national football team for their jersey on the occasion of an international competition. Since then, almost all the sports teams that represent our country at an official level in European or world championships have chosen blue as the color for their official uniform, and over time this color has become a real hallmark of the Italian style, known and appreciated all over the world. From football to athletics, from swimming to team sports, all national teams recognize themselves in this color, which therefore has an important meaning for all Italian fans, but not only.

“The Azzurri” today represent one of the best known and most loved Italian excellences at an international level, and that is why we have chosen this color for our lasers, which are sold all over the world. We know that, through this color, we can welcome a positive legacy that comes from afar and make our relationship with the long and successful tradition of Made in Italy immediately evident.


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