Welding silver: all Elettrolaser solutions

The laser is the ideal tool for engraving and welding precious metals, such as gold and silver, since it allows you to easily obtain extremely durable and precise results, impossible to replicate using other engraving methods.

For this reason, laser technology is increasingly exploited in the goldsmith sector, both within small artisan workshops and on a large scale. It should be remembered, however, that each metal has different characteristics, which require the use of special welding tools and techniques. Emblematic, in this sense, is the case of silver. In fact, this material, being reflective, can only be processed using high-power lasers, since a low-power laser is not able to melt it as it happens with other metals, even precious ones. A laser capable of welding silver, therefore, must be able to deliver high powers and frequencies, in order to be effective even on a reflective surface.


The Elettrolaser tools for silver welding

Given the particularity of silver, Elettrolaser has developed some models specifically dedicated to the welding of this material, such as:

  • Mega SILVER: this laser is particularly suitable to be used both in small laboratories and in the industrial field and is characterized by its ability to effectively treat reflective metals, since it integrates the Smooth Spot technology. This technology allows you to control the diameter of the shot and the uniformity of the energy distribution in an extremely precise way and therefore allows you to make uniform and solid welds. The Smooth Spot technology is integrated as standard in all Mega SILVER lasers (150J and 180J), and allows to obtain impeccable results in the processing of reflective materials.

laser welding machines

  • Mega HIT 200J: this laser is designed to be used in the industrial field or in any case in contexts where there is a need to reach high processing speeds and high powers. The instrument has a double in-line laser bar and an enhanced capacitor bank: thanks to this equipment it is able to reach the actual 200 J of energy and can therefore effectively treat even reflective materials such as silver. Its large welding chamber facilitates the processing of large objects, while the integrated cooling system - entirely developed by Elettrolaser - allows the laser to sustain particularly intense processing rates.

laser welding machines


These tools, developed specifically for the processing of reflective metals, are not the only Elettrolaser solutions that allow you to work silver: even the Master S 130J and Mega HIT 140J models allow you to obtain excellent results in the welding of reflective materials, even if their performances are less high in terms of processing speed. The choice of the laser model to be preferred, therefore, depends on the customer's needs, the type of processing required and the number of pieces to be welded per minute.

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