The laser for industry: the repair of plastic injection molds becomes simple, cheap and fast

Laser technology can be used successfully in countless industrial fields, ranging from goldsmith's to the dental sector. The potential of these tools, however, does not stop there, and the laser also proves to be a fundamental ally for completing another type of essential intervention for manufacturing industries: the repair of the molds used for production.

Having a laser to carry out the repair of the molds can be a great advantage both for companies that operate on behalf of third parties, and for those that produce the molds for their products internally, since this technology allows to drastically reduce the times of intervention, to increase the level of precision of the final result and - last but not least - to obtain a significant economic saving.

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Why use the laser for mold repair

All the production companies that use plastic injection molds are well aware that each mold undergoes, over time, a physiological deterioration. Wear can cause the formation of cracks, cracks or breaks, can cause the appearance of dents and can damage in particular the edges and the entrance and closing areas of the casting, up to making the mold completely useless. In all these cases, it is extremely expensive (in terms of time, as well as from an economic point of view) to replace the mold, so it is certainly useful to evaluate the possibility of repairing it.

To do this, however, it is not convenient to rely on traditional welding methods, because the materials in which the molds are made - as well as the delicacy of the intervention - make it difficult to intervene in this way. And this is where the laser comes to the aid of the industry, offering a quick, precise and efficient solution to the problem.

The main advantage of using the laser for the repair of the molds is linked to its ability to intervene in an extremely precise way on the damaged area, by welding without overheating the object as a whole. This makes it possible to weld a large amount of materials, even of high hardness, without damaging them and without changing the specific characteristics of the mold (geometries, tolerance margins, etc.).

In addition, in the event that the mold does not show breakages or signs of wear, but the company still decides to modify it to adapt it to any new needs, the laser allows you to easily make the change, allowing the company to intervene on the shape of the finished products without the need to dispose of the previous molds and buy new ones.


Elettrolaser machines for mold repairs

To repair an industrial mold it is essential to have precise and powerful tools that are, at the same time, easy to use and maintain. Elettrolaser has developed some of its best performing laser welding machines for this purpose:

AWL: the strength of this welding machine is its precision, added to its small size. These features make it ideal for welding small size molds and dies, intervening in an extremely timely manner on the breakage or imperfection to be repaired, even if it is placed in a difficult to point to reach.

COMBO 200: this model was born from the collaboration between Elettrolaser and some companies active in the sector of the production of molds for plastic injection, and was therefore developed to respond precisely to the needs of the industrial world. The strength of this welding machine lies not only in its power and in the possibility of easily repairing even large molds, but also in its versatility. The laser power is in fact easily adjustable, and makes it possible to carry out finishing interventions even on particularly small or delicate areas.

DL 200: this model was created to allow you to weld large objects, without sacrificing the precision of the intervention. Thanks to the laser system with three motorized arms controlled by joystick, the welding machine allows to intervene precisely even in difficult to reach positions or on non-planar surfaces. In addition, the double in-line resonator ensures the actual delivery of 200 J of power, keeping the quality and intensity of the laser beam stable throughout the welding operation.


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