Solutions for welding: all the features of the Elettrolaser welding machines

Taking advantage of laser technology to weld different types of metal guarantees countless advantages from the point of view of the welding execution speed and the accuracy of the final result. The heat generated by the laser beam, in fact, is able to discharge a large amount of energy concentrated on an extremely small diameter onto the object to be welded, melting the metal in a timely manner and allowing accurate and invisible welding to be made.

The applications of laser welding are many, and in the goldsmith sector they allow in particular to:

  • Welding and repairing jewelry made of a wide range of precious materials (gold, silver, platinum ...)
  • Carry out extremely accurate repairs even on ancient jewels, without the need to remove any precious stones and without heating or damaging the jewels as a whole in any way
  • Repair watches, glasses and other small parts
  • Weld unreachable parts with microflame or arc welding
  • Repair fractures or defects in casting and porosity

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How to choose a laser welding machine

When choosing a laser welding machine, it is essential to take into account a series of parameters relating to the processes that will be carried out and the characteristics of your production plant, such as:

  • Number of pieces to be welded per hour
  • Whether or not it is necessary to operate in a continuous cycle
  • Type of material to be welded (if you are working with different materials, the parameter to be evaluated is the percentage of work carried out on each material compared to the total)
  • Machine size and availability in terms of space within the production area

A laser welding machine is a suitable tool to operate both in contexts where large volumes of materials are dealt with and in small shops: obviously, however, the size of the spaces and the amount of work to be done influence the type of tool to choose.

A compact laser, low noise, easy to use and suitable for small jobs can be the perfect answer to the needs of those who intend to offer their customers also the welding service, but do not plan to operate in this sense in a massive way, while the need to work in a continuous cycle or to reach higher powers and speeds requires having a more advanced instrumentation, capable of supporting heavier work cycles, which however requires adequate space.

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Elettrolaser welding machines

The Elettrolaser welding machines are available in a wide range of models, capable of responding to the needs of small shops, but also of laboratories or production plants that need machines capable of operating 24 hours a day. Here are the main models present. in our catalog:

  • DADO: this welder equipped with a small welding chamber is designed to meet the needs of those who want to carry out repair services, and is therefore particularly suitable for use in workshops and shops, not necessarily in specialized laboratories. It allows to carry out fast operations, which do not require long welding shifts, and its strong point is the possibility of operating in an extremely punctual way which makes it particularly suitable for precision work. The power of the welder can be adjusted intuitively and it is possible to manually set the diameter of the shot, choosing from three predefined sizes.

  • Master S: this welder model, available in three different powers, is suitable for goldsmiths and dental technicians. It allows you to weld any type of material, including silver, and has a small size despite being an instrument that can also be used intensively, equipped with a 10x microscope. Among the pluses provided for this welding machine, the smooth spot option stands out, which allows you to obtain a more homogeneous and more accurate shot, for even more impeccable results.
elettrolaser mega hit
  • MegaHIT: this model is suitable for working on large volumes and, thanks to the double heating system, can operate non-stop and can therefore also be used in plants that work on shifts, 24 hours a day. Its very large welding chamber allows for excellent performance in terms of quality and quantity of pieces processed per hour. To improve the usability of the welding machine, reduce errors and facilitate the operator carrying out the welding, recently the IPM (Integrated Parameters into Microscope) system has been added to this model, which allows you to view some fundamental parameters such as power directly in the binocular, time, frequency and diameter of the shot. These values ​​are digitally displayed and are superimposed on the image of the object being treated: in this way the operator can keep all the different parameters under control at any time, without the need to continually take his eyes off the binocular.
    elettrolaser mega silver

  • MegaSilver: this welding machine, equipped with the smooth spot option which allows to obtain a more homogeneous and more accurate shot, is particularly powerful and, thanks to its enhanced capacitor bank, is specifically designed to weld silver and, in general, all reflective materials.


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