OROAREZZO, the International Jewelery exhibition awaits us


From 5 to 8 May 2018 we will be in Arezzo, to participate with our laser technology to one of the most important Made in Italy jewelry exhibitions in the world.
This great international exhibition takes place in Arezzo for a precise reason:here is the Aretino Goldsmith District, made up of over a thousand companies that work by combining the Etruscan’s tradition of precious metals processing with the innovation of the present day.
Quality comes first in this historic district, where they talk about the precious past but also about fashion and design and where wonderful unique pieces are created, appreciated also in foreign markets.

This is the frame in which OROAREZZO develops.
The connection between an international exhibition of this level and our laser technology is very clear: on an occasion where the Made in Italy is at the center, where quality is put in first place, where we talk about innovation Elettrolaser can not do anything but being there!

Our laser technology was created and developed in Italy by our team, always careful to innovate while maintaining the highest quality.

Also for us, fashion and design in jewelry are important, we constantly follow the new trends to understand what we can do to support them and provide laser machines that can anticipate the needs of operators in the sector.

The spread of new tastes in the markets, in fact, is connected to the development of innovative laser technologies that allow to work in the best way the metals and stones used.
Innovation in our sector starts just to satisfy new needs.

New types of jewelry are developed from new trends, made with metals that were not used before.
New types of jewelry may require new metal processing techniques, which give a high quality finished product and comfort in the whole process.

To participate in an event like OROAREZZO, for us means to get in touch with what is moving in the sector, in order to be able to carry out our laser technology with more tools, based on what is really useful for jewelry operators.
OROAREZZO is, of course, also an opportunity to show the public what we have achieved and where it has brought us the union between quality and innovation that never stops guiding us.

OROAREZZO awaits us and we wait for you, to show you what your next laser machine can do!


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