Mega HIT 300: the ideal laser welding machine for working reflective metals at high power

The Mega HIT 300 welding machine by Elettrolaser is the top of the range model in the field of welding machines equipped with laser technology, since it combines characteristics of high power, versatility and speed and therefore adapts to the needs of countless production companies, including industrial ones.

This particular welding machine is able to reach high powers and is therefore ideal for all situations that need to treat large quantities of products, also made of reflective materials. For this reason, Mega HIT 300 is particularly suitable for use in an industrial context, both in the goldsmith and non-gold sectors.

Mega HIT 300 allows to reach high power thanks to the presence of a double lamp, a double in-line resonator and an enhanced capacitor bank: this means that the laser power is significantly amplified, and therefore it is possible to use the tool for soldering also reflective materials such as silver or other precious metals.

This high power is also supported by the presence of an innovative cooling system, entirely developed by Elettrolaser and integrated into the machine pedestal. Thanks to this equipment, the machine can be used intensively for long periods of time, without the need to stop or slow down production.


The ability to process large quantities of products is also guaranteed by the presence of a large welding chamber, located in the lower part of the machine and which can be completely opened. This equipment is particularly useful in case there is the need to weld large pieces or bulky and non-standard shapes.

Finally, Mega HIT 300 is completed by a standard color touch screen display, which allows you to interact with the machine in the fastest and most intuitive way, and a standard webcam that frames the inside of the welding chamber, allowing the operator to check the progress of the work at any time.

These characteristics make Mega HIT 300 the ideal tool for goldsmith factories, because it combines the ability to process a high number of pieces per minute with the possibility of obtaining extremely precise results on a wide range of precious materials (gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium ...), acting on jewels of all kinds (even rare ones, and without the need to first remove any precious stones present), watches, glasses and other small parts.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of Mega HIT 300 download the technical sheet and contact our experts to request a consultation!Contact us

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