Marking for all needs: here's how to use a laser marker in a goldsmith's workshop

Using the laser to complete marking jobs allows you to always obtain accurate and precise results, in significantly reduced processing times. These features ensure that the laser can be used successfully in the industrial field, for example for component marking (engraving of barcodes, qrcodes, progressive numbers ...), in compliance with the provisions of the regulations relating to ISO quality standards. In these cases, it is essential to guarantee customers the ability to manage large workflows by completing the marking in a short time, without ever sacrificing quality.

However, it is a mistake to believe that a laser marker can be used successfully only in such a context: even in a goldsmith's workshop, where the needs are decidedly different, a laser marker can be the ideal tool to complete a wide range of processes: here are what.

The applications of a laser marker in goldsmith's workshops

One of the most frequently requested marking jobs, in the field of goldsmithing, is undoubtedly the engraving of wedding rings and rings. This type of processing can be carried out easily and quickly with a laser marker, a tool that allows you to quickly and accurately satisfy any customer request, which therefore has great autonomy in choosing the font, the size of the engraving and so on. In addition, if properly completed with the appropriate accessory, even a small laboratory laser marker such as Fiberlux NANO is able to engrave both the inner and outer surface of the rings, always guaranteeing an extremely precise result, since it is able to reach a resolution of 20 μm.

The engraving of rings is undoubtedly one of the most common applications of laser marking in the context of a goldsmith's laboratory, but the potential of this technology certainly does not stop at this: with a laser marker it is in fact possible to engrave any type of jewel (chains, pendants, earrings, bracelets ...) even going to hit surfaces otherwise difficult to reach. Also in this case, the laser marker allows us to respond to any customer need, both from the point of view of the size of the engraving and that of the final aesthetic effect. The laser marking machine is also particularly versatile from the point of view of the materials that can be treated: from silver, gold, platinum, steel, all the materials most commonly used in jewelery can be engraved without difficulty. In addition, the same tool can be used to engrave particular supports such as the temples of glasses, watch faces and so on, always guaranteeing impeccable performance.

Further expanding the look, a laser marker can also be used to make cuts (it is sufficient to increase the number of passes of the laser beam on the same portion of the surface to be treated), so it can be used to easily create personalized jewelry and pendants. Simply set the path of the laser beam and insert the metal to be machined into the processing chamber in order to create all kinds of jewelry, cutting out shapes, symbols, shapes, letters of the alphabet and so on. Also in this case, the possibility of customization is particularly wide, since any shape requested by the customer can be reproduced in a very precise way. 

Finally, the use of a laser marker allows to expand the offer of a goldsmith's workshop by proposing special processes, such as photoengraving, or the reproduction on metal of photographs, portraits and so on, starting from image files provided directly by the customer.

A laser marker is therefore able to respond to all the needs that arise in the context of a goldsmith's workshop: depending on the space available and the volume of work, it is possible to choose an extremely small and compact model, such as FiberLUX NANO by Electrolaser, or on larger and more powerful solutions, such as FiberLUX EL and FiberLUX 3D, always having the certainty of being able to count on a performing product capable of satisfying every type of need. In this way, it is not only possible to expand and improve the offer to customers, but also to limit expenses, having the opportunity to carry out work internally that, otherwise, would have to be outsourced.

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