Marking curved surfaces/not planar surfaces has never been easier: discover FiberLux 3D by Elettrolaser

The engraving of spherical, rounded or otherwise non-flat objects is often problematic, if carried out with unsuitable tools. Unlike what happens with the engraving of flat objects, in fact, it is necessary to have an engraving machine capable of "reading" not only the two dimensions of width and length, but also that of depth, in order to perform the engraving counting the effect of the curves/unevenness surfaces.

Elettrolaser has developed a marker specifically designed for this need: it is the FiberLux 3D model, equipped with special tools that allow you to engrave curved surfaces in the simplest and most effective way possible, obtaining excellent results from an aesthetic point of view.



FiberLux 3D: how the engraving of curved objects works

The FiberLux 3D is a marker that, through a Ytterbium fiber laser, allows you to engrave any type of metal, acting on both planar and non-planar objects, with maximum unevenness of 35 mm. Thanks to its technology it is able to engrave logos, texts, trademarks and much more, and moreover it is able to photo-engrave surfaces, bringing back images on the metal that can be provided in the most common digital formats.

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The engraving of non-planar surfaces is made possible by the intervention of a special software capable of interpreting three-dimensional drawings made using the most common CAD programs and faithfully reproducing them on the objects to be treated, which are engraved accordingly. The process is favored by the presence of a motorized and dynamic focusing system, easy to use. In addition, to facilitate the work of the operators, the machine is designed to be managed in two different ways: via an external PC or via the touch screen integrated directly on the marking machine. In this way the machine is put in a position to operate perfectly even regardless of the presence of a computer connected to it.

FiberLux 3D di Elettrolaser


The performance of FiberLux 3D

Choosing FiberLux 3D guarantees countless advantages. This instrument, in fact, is characterized by its great efficiency and power: the laser can be set at different voltages (20, 30, 50, 70 or 100 W) and therefore allows to satisfy any type of production requirement, effectively engraving a wide range of metals. The laser also allows you to operate quickly, reducing working times: a correct power balance allows you to quickly obtain the desired results, regardless of the size of the piece to be treated and the depth of the incision to be obtained. For the same reason, FiberLux 3D is also effective as a cutting tool, since its high power allows for excellent performance in this sense too.

FiberLux 3D can be supplied in a stand alone version, therefore equipped with a specially designed pedestal support, or in a desktop version, which is more compact and less bulky. In both cases, it can be equipped with a series of additional options, such as the plate trailing machine that allows to reduce working times and favors series processing, and the rotary axis system that allows you to use the laser to go to engrave circular surfaces, such as rings. The internal camera, on the other hand, is installed as standard on this model.


FiberLux 3D di Elettrolaser

The machine can also be completed with a fume and dust extractor that helps keep the work area always clean, especially in cases where the tool is used extensively. If cleaning is carried out correctly and with the right frequency, the marker is able to operate for long periods of time without requiring checks or replacement of components, since it is a tool with low maintenance and environmental impact.

FiberLux 3D is the ideal tool for those looking for a versatile marker, capable of responding to a wide range of production needs and capable of effectively engraving even non-planar surfaces. To find out more, contact our experts: we will show you all the potential of our top marking machines.

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