Elettrolaser welding machines for dental laboratories: discover our solutions for the dental sector

Laser technology – precise, reliable and capable of guaranteeing excellent quality results that last over time – is an important ally for companies operating in the dental sector, and in particular for orthodontic and dental technology laboratories.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the firing diameter in an extremely precise way, the laser allows very accurate interventions to be completed in a few seconds, reducing as much as possible the heat input on the piece being worked on and obtaining perfect welds from the point of view aesthetic and, at the same time, capable of guaranteeing maximum resistance from a mechanical point of view. In fact, thanks to the potential of the laser, the joints are always regular and homogeneous, with a significant advantage in terms of resistance over time and with a consequent increase in patient comfort and satisfaction.

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Precisely thanks to the specific potential of the laser, welding machines that use this technology are the ideal tool for carrying out:

  • repair of dentures, bridges, copings or damaged implants
  • fixing components of orthodontic appliances
  • reduction of porosity defects 
  • lengthening and restoration of collars and caps

Elettrolaser, active for many years in the creation of lasers for the dental sector, has developed a series of laser welders that are perfect for those who work in this sector, capable of responding to multiple needs in terms of efficiency and workload.

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Here are our top models for orthodontic and dental professionals:

DaDo: this welding machine, recently renewed and made even more performing, is the perfect tool for those who want to start experimenting with all the advantages of using laser instruments. The machine is designed to be compact but, at the same time, effective and versatile, and is therefore also ideal for those who need to minimize the amount of space inside their laboratory. The Nd:YAG laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm allows to easily obtain welds with an extremely small diameter (less than 0.3 mm), and is therefore very competitive compared to other welding methods, which reach significantly lower precision levels .


MS-3.5: this model is designed to offer all the advantages of a classic bench welder, in the face of a very small space requirement and significantly reduced consumption. Elettrolaser technicians have developed this welding machine to make it performing, comfortable and easy to use for the operator, thanks to the presence of a series of accessories such as armrests or storage drawers. The welding machine is therefore extremely user friendly and allows you to easily adjust the power, frequency and diameter of the shot (which can vary from 0.2 to 2 mm), to allow the operator to make the most of the machine in a vast range of processes.


Master 4.0: this welding machine, like all the tools in the Elettrolaser Master series, was created to guarantee maximum precision, combined with speed of execution and impeccable quality also from an aesthetic point of view. A machine of this type is able to support significant workloads, offering always perfect results and reducing both energy consumption and the use of consumables to a minimum. The machine has one hundred customizable memories and has been developed to be reliable and simple to use and to connect to the network


Do you want to know more about the Elettrolaser proposals for the dental sector? Contact us and explain your needs!

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