Elettrolaser: Made in Italy Quality for the Global Laser Market

Elettrolaser is a company based in Sona, Italy (VR), and is a leader in the design and production of machines for micro-welding, marking, engraving, and laser cutting.

Elettrolaser's flagship products are laser-based markers and welders, primarily used in the jewelry industry but increasingly finding applications in other fields, such as the jewelry, dental, and industrial mold repair sectors.




The company was founded in 2007 by its current owners and founders – Elisa Montresor, Massimo Grigoli, and Guerrino Ferrarini. In its first fifteen years of operation, Elettrolaser has continuously expanded, diversified its product catalog, and worked on developing and implementing increasingly high-performance technologies. This approach has enabled Elettrolaser to achieve significant success in the market, with a double-digit growth rate in production value.

The company currently employs fifty-six people and operates in three different production sites, all located in the Verona area (Sona, Bussolengo, and Pescantina). It is determined to continue its growth trajectory by exploring new market niches. To achieve this, Elettrolaser has recently acquired two companies with significant expertise in the industry – Taumac and ASEG Galloni. Taumac, specializing in automation, has made the company more competitive in the industrial sector, while ASEG Galloni, a historic company operating in jewelry casting since 1948, has allowed Elettrolaser to have more direct control over one of the initial steps in the production process, as casting machinery serves as the starting point for jewelry manufacturing.


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Elettrolaser has always had a strong focus on achieving excellence, continually improving its lasers to meet market demands. To pursue this ambitious goal, the company has never stopped investing in its R&D sector, where strategic research and development phases, software, hardware, and mechanical design are all carried out in-house. Elettrolaser has also worked to enhance the performance of its lasers, making them more efficient, user-friendly, and safe to use. This commitment is evident in the recent restyling of Elettrolaser lasers, featuring updated designs, improved components such as capacitors, bars, and lamps, and more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

The company's first product introduced to the market many years ago was the MEGA 140 welder, capable of precisely welding precious metals like gold, platinum, titanium, and more, ensuring flawless results even on non-standard shaped objects or antique jewelry without the need to remove gemstones. Over time, the MEGA line was expanded with additional models catering to more specific needs, such as welding reflective materials like silver, for which the MEGA HIT 300 welder was developed. In addition to the MEGA laser line, Elettrolaser also created smaller welders like the MASTER series, leading to the iconic DaDo laser – a compact, efficient, and cost-effective laser ideal for small artisanal goldsmith workshops aiming to deliver high-quality work while minimizing costs and space requirements.

Simultaneously, Elettrolaser developed a line of lasers for marking, cutting, and engraving, offering the Fiberlux marker series to the market. These lasers now guarantee extremely high precision and can be used to engrave a wide range of precious and non-precious metals, performing tasks like photoengraving, serial data matrix, QR code, and bar code engraving on various surfaces, even curved ones. Thanks to dedicated accessories, Fiberlux Elettrolaser markers are also suitable for mass production, adapting to the needs of various production environments, including industrial ones.

The expansion of the product catalog and continuous improvement of existing models are driven by listening to customer needs and gaining in-depth knowledge of their work methods and requirements. Elettrolaser's technicians work closely with customer companies to identify the best operational solutions tailored to their specific needs.

This well-established approach, along with a strong focus on operator training and post-sale support, has allowed Elettrolaser to build strong relationships of trust with its customers. Many customers initially approached the world of lasers with some uncertainty, but after experiencing the advantages offered by this technology, they have increasingly invested in this sector to expand the range of services and enhance the quality of their work.




Apart from product diversification, laser customization, and product reliability, another key factor in Elettrolaser's success during its first fifteen years of operation is its ability to represent the full potential and quality of Made in Italy in the international market. The Italian silver and jewelry sector is renowned worldwide for its manufacturing excellence, and Elettrolaser has upheld this reputation by meeting the needs of customers operating in major foreign markets, such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Russia, Australia, and European Union countries.

The company's current goal is to continue in this direction by entering the markets of all countries involved in the jewelry manufacturing industry and by understanding, interpreting, and anticipating customer desires.


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