Elettrolaser is one of Intesa Sanpaolo's 2021 “Winning Companies”

Elettrolaser has been selected by Intesa Sanpaolo as the “Winning Company 2021”. This important recognition rewards our attention to innovation, our ability to operate successfully on the international market and our commitment to anticipating customer requests and needs, to offer them advanced tools capable of responding to the challenges of Industry 4.0.

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Elettrolaser and Intesa Sanpaolo's 2021 “Winning Companies”

Intesa Sanpaolo has selected 112 small and medium-sized enterprises, active in various production sectors, which have distinguished themselves for their ability to face the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and which in recent years have been able to grow, develop and operate in view digitalization, without ever forgetting the importance of human capital and the economic and social sustainability of their business. Among these 112 companies there is also Elettrolaser, selected in the "Innovation, Research and Development" category.

This recognition is particularly significant for us, since our business has always focused on finding innovative solutions to offer to companies, anticipating the needs of our market and offering tools capable of accompanying our customers towards growth.

Having been selected as a "Winning Company" is a confirmation of the success of our investments in the Research and Development sector and pushes us to continue to operate in the direction of ever greater innovation, designing advanced tools capable of helping client companies to grow and improve their performance and their productivity.

This recognition also underlines our ability to react promptly to the difficulties of recent years, not least the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite all the limitations imposed by the pandemic, Elettrolaser has never stopped working and growing. This commitment has allowed us to improve our strategies and operating methods and to emerge strengthened from the crisis: the emergency has forced us to reorganize ourselves quickly in order to be able to provide support and assistance to customers who needed it and to continue the development of our new tools even remotely, and we have taken up this challenge. Today we can say that we have made the right choice and have been rewarded by our customers, who continue to trust us and demand our lasers.

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