Elettrolaser at Inhorgenta Jewelry Show 2018


February is a month full of important events for Elettrolaser.
After taking part in IGJME in Mumbai, now it's the turn of the Inhorgenta Jewelry Show in Munich, Germany.
From 16 to 20 February, in fact, we will participate together with our German retailer at this prestigious trade show focused on innovation in the field of jewelry, a subject to which we are very close thanks to our laser machines.

Every year we show the innovations we have studied, designed and implemented on our lasers to optimize the methods of cutting, engraving, marking and, above all, laser welding in the field of precious metals.

Which are the reasons why it is better to choose a laser welding in jewelry?

Let's see some:

  • Laser welding is completely safe, it does not damage the user's eyes in any way;
  • The laser allows precise machining with time saving, because usually no mass heating of the piece is required before and after welding;
  • The possibility to work in small areas with minimal amounts of material and reducing waste to a minimum is due to laser processing;
  • The laser welding product has a way better quality than those made with other types of welding, thanks to the minimum 'invasive' effect on the area surrounding the welding;
  • The laser gives a good predisposition to polishability of the welded area;
  • Laser welding makes it possible to carry out repairs on jewels without removing precious stones;
  • Thanks to the laser it is possible to couple objects produced with different alloys.

Among the other possibilities in terms of welding machines there is arc welding which, although it is also used in jewelry, is actually more suitable in case there is a need to deposit large quantities of material: it is in fact suitable for interventions of various kinds, where they do not require extreme precision.
In the same way it is also possible to rely on the welding with flames which, with a very high temperature, allows to concentrate the action on a small part of the object concerned and to complete the processing in a few seconds.
However, in order to use this type of welding, experience and precision are necessary, as well as the attention for yourself and the jewel you are repairing, because the incorrectly directed flame can be dangerous.

Another way to weld is with the laser, which allows you to act in complete safety on an extremely restricted area, like areas even below 1 mm2 of extension: in this case it is called micro-welding.

This precision can not be matched by other types of welding and that is why we at Elettrolaser have focused on this technology over the years, because it is the one that gives the best results.
When we need efficiency, optimization and extreme precision, there are no alternatives for us: come and try our lasers and you will be impressed!

We are waiting for you at the Inhorgenta Jewelry Show!


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