Elettrolaser at IGJME 2018


From 9 to 12 February we will be at IGJME, India Gem & Jewelery Machinery Expo, with our laser machines.
Simplifying the work of those who deal with laser works on metals up to the smallest detail and, more particularly, those who deal with jewelry, is the reason for our trips to reach the events in every part of the world.
Elettrolaser aims to present its innovations in the sector, designed specifically for operators.

For the welding of precious metals it is necessary to use laser, a technology introduced in the 90s.
Laser welding, in fact, allows to repair precious metals like gold because it concentrates the heat source in a small point: the dimensions of the laser beam are always very small, in the order of one tenth of a millimeter.
The main strength of laser welding is the possibility of welding without having to remove the precious stones of the jewels.

Thanks to laser welding it is possible to repair, embed, polish and finish objects with precious stones without causing thermal shock and metal withdrawal, the main cause of breaking stones.

With the laser it is possible to weld objects without using soldering alloys that certainly lead to variations in the title and color with consequent depreciation of its value.
Laser welding technology has allowed jewelry and jewelery makers to change the way they design their products, even using materials not yet used in this specific sector.

This is why Elettrolaser aims to offer the best in the jewelery industry: using a quality laser for welding means achieving greater cleanliness, precision, processing speed, minimum heat input, high mechanical strength.

Laser Machines

Laser engraving and marking can be done quickly and there are no technical limitations on the shape and content of the incisions.
Engraving logos, writings or photographs on pendants and plates is a precise and high-yield processing with our laser machines.

Laser Machines

This year, at India Gem & Jewelery Machinery Expo, we will show our news on new welding, engraving and marking lasers: come visit us, the Elettrolaser team is waiting for you!


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