DL 200, the welding machine for the industry


Innovation, technology, simplicity: it is not always easy to put together concepts and philosophies that seem to be opposites in today's world.

Making innovation often means making big changes.

Using technology can mean complicating things for the end operator. At Elettrolaser we work a lot on this, looking for the best formulas to create products that meet all the most important requirements.
This is where our DL 200 is born, the new motorized arm welding machine.

Launched this year on the market, the DL 200 is the answer to many requests received by the industry sector, one of our interlocutors.

Elettrolaser is increasing its efforts to meet the ever-increasing needs of industry, which sees laser welding as a great advantage for various applications.

What are the benefits of laser welding compared to other more common types?

Here are some:

  • Best processing speed;
  • Minimum heat input;
  • Improved welding aesthetics;
  • Best mechanical strength;
  • Excellent penetration depth;
  • It makes easier to work in areas, difficult to be reached.

The new laser welding machine for the industry is perfect in the restoration of large molds and in the laser welding of large objects and allows welding in areas that are difficult to reach.

All this especially thanks to the movements on the three axes (X-Y-Z) that take place through a joystick and to the possible manual movements that are: inclination of the welding arm, the rotation of the head and the rotation of the Z axis on itself.

DL 200 is used in various industrial applications, especially where extreme precision is required.
Ideal for mechanical workshops of any size, this welder allows a wide range of repairs to be performed directly on site, without the need to transfer the entire mold.

In this video here is DL 200 at work in one of its possible applications: let yourself be inspired by its ease of use!


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