2018, a year of innovation in Laser Machines


Here we are in a new year, full of work, commitments and certainly satisfactions.

The strong growth of 2017, and the renewed trust of our customers, pushes us even more to invest in innovation.
We can count on a research and development department always focused on new technologies in marking, cutting and laser engraving.
This 2018 by Elettrolaser will be full of news!

Our activity is under constant planning, everyone in the team has clear objectives and knows what to do to achieve them in the best way.
Elettrolaser’s mission has always been to bring the customer a final product of the highest quality, able to meet its most sought after expectations: even today it is so, at the end of a year that has confirmed how attention to detail is fundamental for a company like ours.
The birth of a new product like AWL, the evolution of MegaHIT for the industrial sector, has allowed many of our customers to change the working method, simplifying it and making it faster and optimized, in terms of operations and productivity.

Machines like AWL and like our most famous laser machines, including FiberLUX and MasterS, are created in detail and tested by a team that knows what are the most important features for those who will use them, which pieces need to be more resistant because under constant effort and which laser is best for each processing.

AWL is the ideal solution to make welds that require high precision execution and therefore can not be performed manually by the operator.

This laser machine is perfect for repairing molds, for repairing various types of micro-mechanical parts and, thanks to the fully open welding chamber, it can also accommodate bulky items.


FiberLUX is for sure the cutting and marking laser par excellence, ideal for goldsmiths’ workshops but also for the industry.

FiberLUX uses the optic fiber made in ytterbium, with low environmental impact and maintenance and allows to mark objects of any metal, engrave photos, logos, trademarks and texts.
Thanks to this laser machine it is possible to make incisions on rings, bracelets, medals, flat and slightly curved surfaces, with up to 4 mm of deviation.

For maximum efficiency in processing there is Master S.

Compact in its dimensions it finds its place in the small shop and in the big industry that needs to reduce space waste.
Its long-life lamp guarantees 8 million shots with an intensity of 130 J, making MasterS ideal even for those who weld silver.
The Master S can be equipped with the 3D VISION system for a stereoscopic view of the welding area: this system, besides straining the operator’s view much less, facilitates the working posture.
In the S version it is equipped with SMOOTH SPOT technology, which allows the user to weld with an excellent quality, unreachable by most laser welders on the market.

Master S

These are our best products that we have always brought into the world and that we will continue to show where there will be an opportunity, even for the whole of 2018.

We are going to start in Italy at the T-Gold in Vicenza.
We will then go to India, Germany and Greece in February, respectively to IGJME, Inhorgenta Jewelry Show and Hellenic Jewellery Fair.
March will see us in Hong Kong, Italy and Turkey, at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, at the MECSPE and Istanbul Jewelry Show.
In May you can find us in Arezzo, in the important international promotion platform of Made in Italy jewelry, OroArezzo.
Las Vegas and Tel-Aviv-Yafo will be our destination in June, for the JCK Las Vegas and the International Jewelry Exhibition.
In July we will participate in the important IJF 2018 in Iran and India International Jewelery Show, while in August we will fly to Australia, to show our laser machines at IJF 2018.
September will see us in Asia, first at the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair in Thailand and then again in Hong Kong, for the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.
Between the end of September and the beginning of October, Elettrolaser will be in Russia, specifically at Junwex in Moscow.
Then Expo Joya, which brings together the most famous national and international jewelery brands, together with exhibits of equipment and tools for professionals in the sector: here we will be in October, in Mexico.
In the same month we will participate in the Istanbul Jewelry Show in Turkey and at the Surabaya International Jewelery Fair in Indonesia.
We will finish the 2018 fairs in Vietnam, specifically at the Vietnam International Jewelry Fair, where we will be in November.

Here is our global planning for this year, also visible at this page.
It will be very easy to visit us on one or more of these occasions and we will be happy to welcome you in our spaces.

In the meantime, the team in the company is at your disposal for all the necessary information that Elettrolaser will be happy to provide you.


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