Consultancy, installation, training and technical support: Elettrolaser services accompany the growth of your business

Elettrolaser is committed at all times to provide to its customers high-performance laser welding and marking machines, able to allow companies and craftsmen to work better and see their business grow as a result.

To achieve this we have developed a series of services that allow us to better meet the needs of our customers, helping them in choosing the machine that best suits their needs and their production methods and accompanying them in all stages of installation, training and post-sale.


Services of installation, training and post-sale

From the choice to the installation of the most suitable laser

To provide our customers with the tools that best suit their business, it is essential for us to understand precisely what their needs and goals are. To do this, we offer all those interested in purchasing a welding machine or laser marking machine a questionnaire that allows us, through a few simple questions, to understand specifically what the customer's needs are and therefore to identify the most suitable tool for satisfy them.

Fill out the survey

In this initial information gathering phase, we make ourselves available to our interlocutors to address specific issues and, upon request, we create test pieces that allow customers to assess the effective ability of our tools to respond to their needs accurately.

Once the machine has been defined and the commercial negotiation completed, carried out directly or through our local dealers, we provide customers with all the technical specifications and we prepare for the delivery and installation of the laser.

Operator training 

In order to fully exploit the potential of a laser, it is essential that the operator who will actually use the machine follows a specific training which, while not requiring long times, is able to significantly increase customer satisfaction, allowing him to gain the maximum benefit from your new purchase.

Elettrolaser takes great care of this aspect: the operator training service is provided with each machine, according to the needs of the customer and the type of the machine purchased. In the case of laser welding machines, normally the most convenient solution is to offer training via video to be viewed and consulted independently, while the purchase of a laser marking machine almost always requires a depth study that can only be carried out with one of our technicians, which intervenes directly at the client company. Training is always carried out by competent personnel, sent directly by Elettrolaser or by local dealers who, knowing perfectly all the potential of the machine, are able to provide a punctual and efficient service in all circumstances.

The operator training service is not limited to the purchase phase of the machine: Elettrolaser is always available to offer remote technical support, both to fill any gaps in initial training and in case of need for updating. If the customer has to change his production methods and needs a re-training, Elettrolaser is always available to provide online consultancy sessions, held by internal technicians or even by the local dealer.


Online consultancy sessions

Technical Support and Warranty

All Elettrolaser machines are covered by a three-year guarantee (the only components excluded are the consumable parts, the sources and scanning heads, so the guarantee is valid for two years). Should the customer encounter problems or malfunctions, both during the warranty period and after its expiry, Elettrolaser is available to provide effective solutions quickly.

Using special digital tools we are able to take control of the machine remotely to accompany the customer in the identification of the problem. Once the cause of the malfunction has been identified, the necessary assistance is provided to get the machine back to full efficiency, sending all the spare parts that may be necessary and, if necessary, resorting to the intervention of a technician on site.

Finally, Elettrolaser accompanies its customers in their growth, providing a consultancy service in case they want to improve or increase their offer using more performing machines (as happened to one of our customers, who told his story to the magazine of Professional Jeweler sector. In this case, a facilitated treatment is also guaranteed from an economic point of view, in addition to assistance in all phases of selection, installation and training of the personnel working on the new machine.

Elettolaser in Vanuatu: a success story 

Elettrolaser operates all over the world, always providing a complete service, which accompanies the customer from the automation selection phase to after-sales.

This is what we did with a customer of ours based in Vanuatu, in the Pacific Ocean archipelago, to whom we supplied a laser for welding and marking.

Our relationship with this interlocutor has developed from direct knowledge, which took place at an important trade fair, and included an initial phase of consultancy, discussion of the conditions of sale and planning of sending the chosen machine to Vanuatu. This preliminary step took about six months and ended with the on-site shipment of the machine, accompanied by the staff who was responsible for carrying out the installation and training of the client company's employees.

The logistical difficulties on paper were considerable, as well as the customer's concern for the complications associated with choosing a supplier based on the opposite side of the planet, but this phase was completed without any unforeseen circumstances and on time. This was of great help to consolidate the relationship of trust with the customer, who thanks to the efficiency and punctuality of our service was reassured that he could receive all the necessary assistance at any time.

The purchase of the laser allowed the company to operate faster and more efficiently and to expand the range of its processes, thus improving its offer and the quality of its work.

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