Ozone sanitization

With the new optional, available on all our laser welding machines, it is possible to sanitize and hygienize the work area!

The device releases Ozone inside the welding chamber, which thanks to its sanitizing characteristics, allows ecological cleaning of the environment where it is used.

Ozone (O3) is an unstable gas and its molecules are composed of three oxygen atoms. Released in aqueous solution it is a very reactive gas and turns into oxygen after just twenty minutes, leaving no polluting residues. It is an essential gas for life on Earth thanks to its ability to absorb ultraviolet light. The Ozone layer in the stratosphere protects our planet from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The main characteristics of Ozone are:

  • Strong disinfectant action with a broad spectrum of action;
  • Ozone turns into Oxygen after 20 minutes, therefore does not leave harmful residues;
  • Sanitizes and hygienize air and environments, without leaving chemical residues;
  • No corrosive and polluting phenomena occur.

The Ozone sanitization system is programmable and has two usage options, each option corresponds to a specific work period:

  • "Soft" option (Ozone release for 1 min)
  • "Extreme" option (Ozone release for 2 min)

in order to adapt to the needs of the operator/s and allowing frequent disinfection and sanitization, indispensable where there is the continuous alternation of people using the welding machine.

Inside the welding chamber it is possible to place the various work tools, such as various tweezers, rubber eye covers by Elettrolaser, scissors, knives, blades and so on. The sanitizing and cleaning activities are therefore more effective and easier to perform.

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Please, before purchasing, verify the compliance of O3 sanitization in reference to the laws of your residence Country.