Small and performing: Fiberlux NANO is the tailor-made marker for goldsmith workshops

If you are considering the possibility of equipping your goldsmith's workshop with a laser machine that allows you to easily and internally perform cutting and engraving work, Elettrolaser has the perfect solution for your needs. In fact, we have developed the Fiberlux NANO model, a small-sized and affordable laser marker that will allow you to approach the world of lasers in the simplest and most convenient way, to offer your customers a wide range of processes that you can carry out directly in your laboratory in complete autonomy.

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Fiberlux NANO: what it can do

Fiberlux NANO was created to respond specifically to the needs of the goldsmith world, so it allows you to engrave and cut all the materials normally used in a laboratory: gold, silver, platinum, but also steel, titanium, special alloys and so on.

Thanks to its fiber optic laser, the machine carries out the engraving of logos, texts, drawings and also allows to perform photoengraving work, importing the images through a special software - which is supplied together with the machine - able to manage all the most popular digital formats (.jpg, .bmp, .svg…).

In addition - if completed with the appropriate accessory for the treatment of circular objects - Fiberlux NANO can engrave the internal and external surface of rings and other circular pendants. Finally, a special version of the tool is also available which allows you to affix trademarks.

In short, Fiberlux NANO allows you to easily carry out all the processes that are normally completed in a goldsmith's workshop, without the need to outsource them and relying on the potential of a tool built to be compact, effective and user-friendly.


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All the advantages of Fiberlux Nano

Thanks to Fiberlux NANO you can have all the advantages deriving from laser processing, which allows you to make extremely precise and durable engravings even on objects with a particular shape, difficult to treat with other engraving methods. Furthermore, the laser allows to reduce the execution times of the single processes and is a simple and safe technology, which can also be used in artisan contexts.

The advantages, however, do not stop there: Fiberlux NANO is also:

  • Compact, because it is designed to be able to operate even in confined spaces
  • Powerful, because despite its small size it can affect a power of 20 or 30 W
  • Accessible, because it has a processing chamber that is not completely closed and which allows you to maximize the useful space and, if necessary, to engrave larger pieces than the work area
  • Versatile, because it allows you to carry out most of the customization interventions normally requested by customers
  • User-friendly, because it does not require a long learning curve and is equipped with special systems designed to facilitate use by the user, such as the focusing system with overlapping pointers
  • Ecological, because its laser has a low environmental impact (it can operate for 50,000 hours, equal to almost 6 years of continuous use 24 hours a day)
  • Simple to manage, because it requires very limited maintenance interventions
  • Customizable, because it can be completed with special accessories such as the high-precision rotary axis system that allows you to engrave the rings, or as the camera to view the work area on the PC with a 10x zoom.

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For all these reasons, Fiberlux NANO is the ideal tool for those approaching the world of laser engraving for the first time and want to have a high-performance machine but at the same time simple to use, economical and able to repay the investment quickly, but also for those who already have experience in this sector and want to offer their customers a quick, effective service capable of satisfactorily responding to their needs.

Do you want to know more about Fiberlux NANO's particularities, options and purchasing conditions? Contact us!

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