Laser marking machines: why prefer them to alternative marking tools

Choosing to use the laser for marking your products guarantees countless advantages, since this tool allows you to easily obtain results and quality standards that would be very difficult to achieve with alternative systems. The laser, in particular, allows you to optimize working times and mark a large amount of materials, using a tool that is at the same time easy to use, efficient and extremely versatile, therefore suitable for use in a large variety of areas, from crafts to industry.


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One tool for a variety of applications

One of the main advantages of laser marking is the versatility guaranteed by this particular tool: by purchasing a laser marker it is possible to complete a wide variety of processes ranging from photoengraving to engraving of trademarks, using a single tool and therefore reducing working times and simplifying the activity and training of the operator using the machine. In addition, by equipping the machine with specific software extensions you can carry out even more particular processes, such as the creation of bas-reliefs, the insertion of colors on steel and so on.

In this way, a laser marker gives you the possibility to expand the repertoire of processes offered to your customers, allowing you to carry out interventions even on objects with particular characteristics or on very small surfaces, without this compromising in any way the definition of the engraving and the accuracy of the final result.

Efficacy and durability

Another indisputable advantage of using a laser marker is the possibility of obtaining precise results that last over time. The laser engraving always remains clear and visible, resists corrosion and the aggression of acids and other chemicals and does not deteriorate even if the object is exposed to atmospheric agents. For all these reasons, laser marking is widely used in the industrial field, since its performance combines effectiveness, precision and long life.


Traceability of components

The marking allows the traceability of all pieces and components used in industry, and in this way allows companies to operate in compliance with the regulations relating to ISO quality standards. Choosing to mark your products using a laser is particularly convenient not only because this tool guarantees high performance in terms of engraving speed and precision, but also because it simplifies the insertion of more complex elements than the simple brand. Using the laser, it is possible to engrave barcodes, qrcodes, progressive numbers, logos etc. and on the individual pieces, quickly and easily and minimizing the need for the operator to intervene. In this way it is possible to obtain excellent results even on particularly small or thin components, possibly going to carry out the engraving in points that would be inconvenient to reach using traditional marking tools.



Cost savings and elimination of waste

As we have seen, the use of a laser marker allows you to speed up work times and achieve flawless results on a large number of different media. This guarantees a significant reduction in working times, a reduction that has a precise consideration also in economic terms. The advantages, however, do not stop there: a laser marking machine also allows you to save on routine maintenance of the instrument, since the necessary interventions are few and the costs very low, and on the material, since laser marking does not produce waste of any kind.



To find out more about the characteristics of the Elettrolaser markers, compare their performance and find out how they can improve your productivity, contact us and ask us for advice: we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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