Marking for the industrial sector: this is what Elettrolaser can do for your company

A laser marker is a very useful tool to meet the coding and marking needs of the various industrial sectors. In fact, we know that, in many cases, ISO quality standards and European regulations require companies to guarantee the traceability of all the components they use for production, and the laser allows them to respond to this need in an optimal way. Having a laser marking tool allows companies to save time, always obtain impeccable results and consequently see their efficiency increase, because the marking activities are completed quickly and automatically, limiting the need for intervention by 'operator.

Elettrolaser has developed a range of marking machines perfect to meet the needs of companies that need to automate the engraving activities of brands and codes on their products: this is what we can offer to our customers in terms of performance, efficiency and additional services.

Markers for industry

Elettrolaser markers are able to meet the different needs of companies allowing them to engrave on products or on their individual components:

  • Brand names
  • Logos
  • Serial number
  • Barcode
  • Qrcode

The complexity of the element to be marked does not constitute a problem for the laser marking machine, which is able to act extremely accurately and - thanks to the program integrated into the instrument - to engrave any type of symbol, even treating surfaces that are difficult to reach with other marking methods. The software integrated into the marking machine also allows you to engrave progressive numbers, at the same time carrying out the self-counting of the marked pieces and allowing you to fully automate the activity of inserting serial numbers on products.

A laser marker, therefore, makes it possible to automate the insertion of trademarks and codes on products and - at the same time - to significantly speed up the process: an advanced tool, equipped with a plate trailing device, is able to significantly increase the number of pieces worked per hour.

A further significant element, for those who work in the industrial sector, is the great efficiency of the laser marker, a tool that not only requires minimal cleaning and routine maintenance, but also allows for the maximum optimization of the material used, since the laser engraving of the metal does not produce waste of any kind.

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Elettrolaser services for your company 

Elettrolaser services for your company

Laser markers - in addition to being high-performance and reliable tools - are also very simple to use, so the learning time required for the operator to become autonomous in laser management is extremely short. To make the most of the potential of the software integrated into the instrument, a short training phase is still required, which Elettrolaser provides free of charge in conjunction with the installation of the laser at the client company. This initial training can be carried out in various ways, depending on the customer's needs and the complexity of the instrument purchased: it is possible to program a remote training even if - except for special conditions that make the trip impossible - usually Elettrolaser technicians or area dealers they carry out the activity at the client company, to optimize times, guarantee a better result and answer all questions directly 

However, Elettrolaser remains available, even after some time from the installation of the marking machine, to carry out any additional training courses (link to….), illustrate new potential of the instrument or fill any gaps in initial training. Elettrolaser customer assistance is always available to plan any re-training that can be carried out at the Elettrolaser headquarters, at the client company or even in the form of online consultancy, in order to best meet every need.

Having a laser marker has never been so convenient: to find out more about the potential of our models and what we can offer your company, visit our website and contact us!

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